Refi App

An open-source GUI tool to make interacting with Firestore less painful


Interacting with Firestore made easy

Table view, update in realtime

Have a birds-eye view on your data and change lots of document at once.

  • Customizable fields to display
  • Filter & sort the result
  • Inline editing right on it
  • All changes is updated in realtime

Use VSCode to create and edit document

No more clicking on complicated things to get a document's data. We integrated Monaco aka VS Code editor.

  • View/Edit your document as JSON
  • All VS Code features & hotkeys

Built for Developers

With hotkeys, you can do anything without leaving your keyboard. We are developers too!

  • Start anything with Cmd + Shift + P or Cmd + /
  • Familiar hotkeys inspired by VS Code
  • Boost your productivity

Preview changes before commit

You're now freely edit anything without making production crash

  • Preview changes
  • Revert all or just a piece of change


With awesome features

  • Privacy
  • Realtime update
  • Export as JSON, CSV
  • Import from JSON, CSV
  • Querying/Sorting
  • Detect Field Type
  • Search documents

Frequently Asked Questions

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